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No one knows your students like you do, which is why pre-formatted curriculum packets never quite work out. Our database gives you the freedom to use the materials as you see fit. While all of our content is digitized, we are not an edtech company. Our workshops and professional development sessions are always held in person and we believe that there is no substitute for face-to-face interactions.

Journal Database

Tired of the same old textbook analogies?
Fighting misinformation in your class?
Looking to raise the bar?

Our journal database is a set of carefully curated, continually growing scientific articles. Summarized for your convenience with suggestions on how to use them, each article is paired with relevant Next Generation Science Standards.


Make the Most Out of Our Database

For Teachers:
Hands-on, professional development workshops that connect class content to research

For Administrators:
Inquiry-based curriculums utilizing curated scientific articles from our database

For Others:
In need of engaging science content? We can write that for you!