Life Science, S&F 2: Body Systems (HS), S&F 3: Body Systems (MS), Structure and Function

Description of CTE in 3 Athletes

Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in Athletes: Progressive Tauopathy following Repetitive Head Injury

SUMMARY: This paper describes CTE in 2 boxers and a football player. It talks about the molecular abnormalities found in the players’ brains (see appendix for histology images). At the end, this article gives some guidelines on how to prevent CTE and how to treat it.

LESSON COMMENTS: This would be an interesting article for students to read when learning about the brain and nervous system. I would suggest only using sections of this paper because some of the terminology is quite advanced. I find articles like this particularly helpful for student athletes to find a connection between their sport and science class.

McKee, A. C., Cantu, R. C., Nowinski, C. J., Hedley-Whyte, E. T., Gavett, B. E., Budson, A. E., Santini, V. E., Lee, H. S., Kubilus, C. A., … Stern, R. A. (2009). Chronic traumatic encephalopathy in athletes: progressive tauopathy after repetitive head injury. Journal of neuropathology and experimental neurology, 68(7), 709-35.