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Review: Microplastics in Canadian Aquatic Ecosystems

Microplastics in aquatic environments: Implications for Canadian ecosystems

SUMMARY: This article is a summary and review of a bunch of other articles on microplastics. It talks about the sources of microplastics, the amount in aquatic systems, the effects on organisms, and finally there is a section about gaps in research.

LESSON COMMENTS: While you can certainly read this article in its entirety, I would focus on the different sections and have students look at the articles that were reviewed under each topic. This is a great article for the beginning of a research project, a brainstorming session for students, or even a research skills class on how to use and read primary sources in science.

J. C. Anderson, B. J. Park, and V. P. Palace, “Microplastics in aquatic environments: Implications for Canadian ecosystems,” Environmental Pollution, vol. 218, pp. 269–280, 2016.