E 1: Energy Flow (HS), E 1: Energy, Mass, & Speed (MS), E 2: Energy & Motion (HS), E 2: Potential Energy (MS), E 5: Kinetic Energy Transfer (MS), Energy, F&I 1: Newton's 2nd Law (HS), F&I 1: Newton's 3rd Law (MS), F&I 2: Newton's 1st Law (MS), F&I 2: Newton's 3rd Law (HS), F&I 4: Gravity & Electrostatic Forces (HS), F&I 4: Gravity & Mass (MS), Forces & Interactions, Physical Science

The meaning of blood pressure

The meaning of blood pressure SUMMARY: This article talks about all the physical aspects of blood pressure. The first few sections talks about the 3 forces that affect blood pressure: elastic, kinetic, and gravitational. The author also talks about how kinetic energy can be converted to elastic energy in the case of an aneurysm in… Continue reading The meaning of blood pressure

Chemical Reactions, CR 3: Testing Endo/Exothermic Reactions (MS), E 1: Energy Flow (HS), E 3: Designing Energy Transfer (HS), E 3: Insulating/Conducting Heat (MS), E 4: Heat Transfer (HS), E 4: Testing Energy/Heat Transfer (MS), E 5: Energy from Electric/Magnetic Fields (HS), E 5: Kinetic Energy Transfer (MS), Energy, F&I 3: Electric/Magnetic Forces (MS), F&I 5: Electricity & Magnets (HS), Forces & Interactions, Physical Science, S&P 3: Heat & Reactions (MS), S&P 3: Nuclear Decay (HS), Structure & Properties of Matter

Pu burning in a molten salt fast reactor

A disruptive approach to eliminating weapon-grade plutonium – Pu burning in a molten salt fast reactor SUMMARY: This study looked at the efficiency of several types of nuclear reactions: molten-salt reactors, light water reactors, and fast reactors. Using a program (written in Python), scientists looked at the data from each type of reactors (on an… Continue reading Pu burning in a molten salt fast reactor